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Clipping prices will vary from dog to dog depending on the size, condition of the coat and style of cut preferred. For an accurate quote for your dog please call us or come in and meet us for a chat with your dog.

Wash and Groom

For the short haired breeds and clipped dogs we recommend a regular wash and groom out to maintain a healthy shiny coat.

Wash and groom includes:

  • Thorough brushing to remove any debris and tangles 
  • Fresh warm water hydrobath 
  • All natural shampoo and conditioner 
  • Warm fluff drying 
  • Eyes and ears cleaned 
  • Nails trimmed

Full Groom and Clip

For the long haired breeds, and some older dogs needing respite over summer we recommend a full groom and clip to get them back into shape.
Full groom and clip includes all the wash and groom steps above plus a professional clip to your desired coat length.